American Horror Story


Year: 2011

Category: 2010 - 2019Tv Shows


Anthology focused on different characters and locations. Seasons include a haunted house, a madhouse, a coven of witches and a freak show.

This series are definitely unique, it carries us to the limits of imagination and originality. The third season Coven”, portrays an already explored theme, witches and black magic, but it has something special, the legendary queen of voodoo, Marie Laveau! Coven was an extraordinary and fantastic season, exploring themes rarely spoken like true stories ofvoodoo and voodoo rituals, showing them almost so real as they are.

The fourth season (American Horror Story Freak Show) is based on a circus of freaks, ruled by a blond woman who dreams of fame and her obsession of wanting it. People with deformities, a body with two heads, meaning two people in the same body, a giant woman, a young man with giant hands, a woman with three breasts and other strange cases.

Stars Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange and more.