Year: 2014


Another movie to add to the extensive collection of Godzilla. In the 1998 movie they didn’t used the original model of the creature, but on this one they did, something to praise. This Godzilla movie from 2014, recreates the idea of other old Godzilla movies where there are battles with  giant creatures. Something that is good, there’s always action. There is always something happening, the creatures were well designed, with great quality and the recreation of the classic model of Godzilla couldn’t be better. As always, humans need to intervene in everything and once again, something that should be solved by nature, suffers unnecessary human intervention.

The most famous monster ever, in an attempt to restore balance on the planet, protecting the human race, faces two giant creatures that feed on radioactive objects (their source of food and energy) .

With Aaron Taylor-Johnson movie Savages.