The Canal


Year: 2014


David (Rupert Evans) a film archivist, moves into a new house with his wife Alice and his son Billy. One night they go to a party together and he feels something strange in the way that Alice looks at him when she is talking with a man, Alex (Carl Shabaan). After that, David suspects that  Alice is cheating on him with Alex. Everything gets worse when Claire, his work partner, gives him a reel of to-be-archived footage that shows that his house was the setting for a brutal murder in 1902, including child sacrifices in a room. One night he follows Alice and sees her having sex with Alex at his house. After that, Alice goes missing and he begins to think that is something wrong in the house, he investigates old crimes tapes and starts seeing things on them…

Who will believe him? What really happened to Alice?

Experience an ancient horror presence come to life once again…

Fear will pull you under!

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