The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh


Year: 2012


Leon Leigh, an antique collector, starring Aaron Poole, inherites the house from his mother who he haven’t seen in a long time and discovers that she was living in a house with a shrine, devoted to a mysterious cult. By the time he’s in the house, he finds antiques that he sold, throughout the house, bought by his mother. He begins to suspect that the spirit of his mother is still in the house and it’s using objects to transmit a message, but Leon refuses to believe that there is something beyond this world.

A different movie, mysterious atmosphere, good production, very professional main actor Aaron Poole. The film is a little slow but if you let yourself go, it becomes scary and you never know what to expect. A normal house seen from the outside but inside is full of antiques and rare pieces. We voted 9/10 on IMDB.

Faith is fragile.

She will not rest in peace.