The Walking Dead


Year: 2010

Category: 2010 - 2019Mistery/ DramaTv ShowsZombies


In world infested with a virus that turns the dead into undead, a group of people struggles to survive. Organized groups get together and create communities to try to survive. The series focuses on sheriff Rick Grimes and in his determination to keep his group he calls family, united and safe. The first and second season it’s about survival and discovering the effects of the virus, in which the action focuses on escaping and fight the undead. On the third season, it changes to fights between humans and not surviving the undead attacks. On the fourth season, we start to notice that the series are being dragged too much and there is nothing new to add. Basically, the fourth season became an expedition in the woods, where the characters walk and walk to reach a place they think it’s a sanctuary and nothing interesting happens.

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